Web Design

We have over 15 years experience creating websites and we know what works. Beautiful clean designs that are easy to navigate and understand. Powered by the latest technologies to ensure your site looks good on monitors, mobile and tablet devices at different resolutions., we can create custom designs, or use a template of your choice, with responsive layouts that automatically scale to the device the user visits your website on, making sure they get the information you want them to see, to turn your web visits into sales.

Database Applications

Sometimes a website needs more than just a front end. We create custom database integrated websites, whether you are running an on-line shop, or need your website content linked to your database that you manage internally. We are experienced programmers that have integrated websites into product selector tools, refrigeration monitoring systems, shops and much more. We are experienced in different database types and can create a custom system, or integrate to a standard Content Management system such as Joomla.

Interactive Media

Using a multitude of tools, we can create an interactive form of media for your company. We can shoot and edit your corporate video, create interactive touch-screen applications, or make a viral campaign unique to your company. With creativity only limited by imagination there is an infinite amount of possibilites to promote your company through interactive media. Within 2 days of release one of our virals reached 20,000 visits to the website. To date there have been over 5 million visitors, appearing in FHM and mentioned on Radio 1.

Crafted by Experts.

We have been involved in building websites since the late 90's, before most people were even on the internet. The internet has changed a lot since then, but one thing still remains important; the drive to make the design of the site be accessible and easy to use for your audience.

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About Us

Our Company
Ion Design Ltd.

Ion Design Limited was formed in 2001 after being involved with the Internet since the late 90's. Having implemented software for big corporations in different countries, we saw a growing demand for company websites as the internet slowly became the beast it is today. Back then the sites were simple with the technologies available, but todays demands for responsive designs that work on different devices, and the more powerful browsers, means we never stop learning as technology changes so fast, and we work hard to create you an online prescence that looks great and wont be left behind. We are based in Hampshire, UK, but have clients all over the country.

  • Easy to work with
  • High standards of work
  • Swift response time
  • We listen to your needs.
  • We work with you to create your vision
  • Always contactable


We don't believe in sitting on our laurels. As times change, so do we, learning new processes and ways to make better websites every day. If your project needs something that we haven't done before, we learn how to do it and get it done!

Our Skills
  • HTML
  • Photoshop
  • CSS
  • Joomla
  • jQuery
  • .NET, C# & VB
  • Video Editing
  • PHP

Our customers say

  • Ion Design delivered above expectations. They created a website for us that not only looked great but was easy and fun to use, dramatically reducing our bounce rate.

  • They listened to our requirements, and worked hard to deliver a corporate site that embraced our values but still looked fresh and modern.

  • The creative talents of Ion Design are incredible. Great ideas, great experience and a pleasure to work with.